ChurchAppLive Privacy Policy for Church Web Community Services

Your privacy and security is very important to us. We want to make sure your experience on is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible, and we want you to use the vast array of information, tools, and opportunities with complete confidence.

We have created this Privacy Policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy and security. This Privacy Policy describes how ChurchAppLive collects information from its members and how that information is used to strengthen relationships within your church body. ChurchAppLive will not sell or disclose any of your personally identifiable information to other companies or organizations without your consent, unless compelled by a court order or subpoena.

Personal information

In order to enhance the opportunity to begin and build relationships within your church body, ChurchAppLive collects personal profile information. This information consists of demographic information (age, marital status, etc) as well as personal preference and life experience information (hobbies, recreation preferences, occupation, etc.). This information is designed to be shared within your church community to foster new relationships.

It will never be disclosed outside of your secure church membership area without your permission. Each member can elect to share their information with other ChurchAppLive church members or anyone on the internet. The access level to their profile is determined by the member when they complete their profile.

ChurchAppLive also collects information related to family income. This information will be disclosed only in aggregate statistics and this personal information WILL NEVER BE DISCLOSED to anyone (inside or outside your church body).

Location information

While using Our Application, in order to provide features of Our Application, We may collect, with Your prior permission:

  • Information regarding your location

Your location information is necessary to enable the feature that will provide directions from your location to the church location.

Your location information is only stored on your device and not stored on our servers.

You can enable or disable access to this information at any time, through Your Device settings.


Once an individual or church organization signs up with ChurchAppLive, a private secure area is created for that church within the ChurchAppLive system. ChurchAppLive uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology for all access to church information. SSL is the most secure technology for ensuring your privacy that exists today. This is the same technology that banking institutions use to ensure security for their on-line banking customers. Only church members with a valid login and password are permitted to view "members only" information in their church's web community area.

Church Information

Each participating church is requested to provide general information about the church such as address, denomination, administrator's email address, church web address, etc. Each church is also encouraged to provide the first and last names of their church members.

Children: ChurchAppLive does not target children or teenagers for the collection of personally identifiable information. In accordance with US law we do not collect personal information from children under 13.

How Personal Email Addresses May be Used

Your church administrator may use your email address in order to send you:

  • Church Newsletters
  • Church Email Announcements

Other members of your church may use your email address to send you:

  • Personal emails
  • E-greeting cards
  • Notes of encouragement (1 Thes. 5:11)
  • Automatic notices of personal profile updates

If you do not wish to receive any or all of these emails, please do not include your email address on your personal profile. You may also at any time, remove your email address from all church lists (and all future emails) by updating your profile in the online community. You will automatically be removed from all future email.


ChurchAppLive may amend the ChurchAppLive Privacy Policy from time to time. These changes will be posted online.

Customer Concerns

If you have questions or comments regarding this privacy policy you may contact us at:

Toll Free: 866-852-6648
Email: [email protected]
Mail: PO Box 68052 Oro Valley, AZ 85737