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ChurchAppLive is an app and content management system specifically designed for churches and ministries. ChurchAppLive provides your church with your own customized app that is automatically updated based on the content (sermons, videos, calendar events, member information, etc.) updates you make on the admin control panel.

Absolutely! You control the design of the app, the features that are enabled, and the content available in the app. All from the easy-to-use, secure admin control panel.

You can search the app stores for the phrase "ChurchAppLive" or "JSL Solutions". Or simply click/share the following links depending on your specific app store: Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon App Store. If you've elected to have your app custom-branded for your church, you can find your app in the app stores by searching your church name or the specific app name you chose.

Yes! The app is available on all Android phones and tablets as well as all iPhones and iPads. The app can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon App Store.

For a small additional fee ($299), we will publish your app with your church's name, icon and app description in Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon App Store. You can provide the artwork, icons, app title, and description and we'll ensure your app is available in all the app stores.

No problem! Your account will be automatically suspended (and eventually removed from our system). You are under no obligation whatsoever. If you later decide to activate your account after the conclusion of your free trial, that's not a problem either. Your link to activate your account will still work.

Yes, our media vault can host your podcasts and there is also an RSS feed we provide. We can help you set it all up! Additionally, we can help you make it available in platforms like Apple Podcasts.

During the 30 day free trial, everything is included for free. After the free trial, the cost is $29 per month. You can view more info on pricing here. If you would like to publish the app in the app stores with your own church branding and artwork, there is a one time fee of $299.

JSL Solutions, ChurchAppLive's parent company, offers personalized solutions for churches! In order to live stream your church service, sign-up for a account — you'll receive all of the features of a ChurchAppLive account and be able to live stream. The main menu of your church app can direct visitors to your live stream feed. Learn more about accounts here.

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